2/4/15 – The ‘Master of Misinformation’ Le Queux workshop at Trinity College Dublin is rapidly approaching.  For those speaking or planning to attend, here is the provisional schedule and some information on travel and accommodation.

1/10/14 – Attended the excellent annual conference of the H. G. Wells Society this weekend in Durham, join up and get involved if you are a Wells enthusiast.

23/2/14 – Enjoyed giving an interview to ‘Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog’ about my research.

26/07/13 – CFP: ‘Edwardian Premonitions and Echoes’, second annual conference of the Edwardian Culture Network, hosted by the University of Liverpool.

06/06/13 – I’m delighted to promote the public lecture and workshop ‘Empire in Peril – Invasion-Scares and Popular Politics in Britain 1890-1914’ – Empire in Peril – CFP

18/04/13 – Attended the excellent inaugural conference of the Edwardian Culture Network last weekend, some really fantastic research on show.

26/2/13 – Sorry for the long quiet period, been extremely busy!  Very excited to be giving a paper this weekend at Art, Anxiety, and Protest in the Edwardian Belle Époque at the Yale Center for British Art.

3/10/12 – Thanks to Chris and the History department at Myton School, Warwick, for the link to the blog on their web page.

1/10/12 – Very sad to hear of the death of Eric Hobsbawm at 95, a peerless writer and historian.  As capitalism grows ever-more unpredictable, I fear we may miss his council.

14/9/12 – Spent much of the day sifting through , an excellent new resource.

12/9/12 – Thought I would add in a page for inane waffling.  Back in Liverpool after a short trip to the British Library.

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