My name is Harry Wood, I am a charity worker and postdoctoral researcher currently based in Glastonbury.  My research interests are based around the cultural and political history of British invasion anxieties.   My PhD thesis, completed at the University of Liverpool, focused on Edwardian invasion-scare fiction, a body of literature that enjoyed significant popularity in Britain in the years leading up to the First World War.

Developing from the authoritative work of the late I F Clarke, including his book Voices Prophesying War: Future wars 1763-3749, my interest lies with the fictional representations of domestic political upheaval.  A turbulent political period for Britain, the regular reference within this literature to working-class unrest, Irish rebellion, female suffrage, and a variety of other issues is extremely significant.  Evidently concerned over the threat of invasion, such authors equally feared internal political change, rebellion, and even revolution.

The blog is currently on hiatus while I am outside of academia. Hopefully the archived posts will shed a little light on the ideas above.  If you have any questions, ideas, or annoyances, please get in touch.  Happy reading!

Image: The German aerial fleet flies over a bleak industrial north, in H. G. Wells’s War in the Air, from M. Ashley, Out of This World, Science Fiction But Not As You Know It, (London, 2011), p85.

3 Responses to About

  1. mike paris says:

    Hi, Interesting website – I look forward to reading it in more detail as soon as I have time. I’ve done some work on this myself. …..
    Mike Paris
    University of Central Lancashire

  2. Thomas Greenwood says:

    Hello Harry,

    What a fantastic website. I have only found it today and have enjoyed a good trawl through a selection of your posts.

    I am currently studying an MA part time at Birmingham in military history and have been a History teacher for 12 years (after leaving Liverpool in 2001). I am now planning to undertake a PHD and have been increasingly drawn towards the field of invasion anxieties. I have a few ideas as to where I would like to focus my research I wonder if I could contact you to get your suggestions on them?

    Kind regards,

    Tom Greenwood

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